Connecting the Cloud in Construction

Interfy builds easy to use software integrations in the construction industry for the Australian market, and provides local support.
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What We Do?

Let’s face it, the term “integration” has become one of the least understood words in software, it’s overused and often over complicated.

We know you don’t really care for the whys and hows – you just want your apps connected, and quickly. That’s why we decided to simplify integration = Interfy.

Specialising in the fast-paced construction industry, we connect your cloud applications to deliver the holy grail of a seamless, holistic IT platform.

Who We Are?

Interfy was birthed out of our parent company Crawford IT, an IT services and Software company.

When looking at the industry, we observed unprecedented rate of technology adoption in construction throughout Australia and New Zealand had left an unfilled demand for connectors in its wake.

In short, all of a sudden there was so many great platforms on the market, but nobody had found a way of making them talk to one another.

So we did some digging around, and noticed demand for a connector to bridge the gap between projects financials & accounting. Before long we had our first gig, and Interfy became a reality.

Our Vision

We want to support the ANZ construction industry as well as the vendors who bring these solutions to our shores. We listen to our customers, we build what the market needs, and we leverage our experience to advise. Our goal is for Interfy to become synonymous with optimised and seamless construction IT.

Why Interfy Your Apps?

100% Australian developed & deployed
Local support
Experience working with International Vendors through to local Start-Ups
Get more value from your existing IT stack

Our Integration Partners