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Past Incidents

August 26, 2019

Final Update – Existing transactions queued will flow through. This was a DNS issue related to an upstream provider. We will be investigating more robust DNS providers to avoid a repeat of this issue.

Update 5pm AEST – This issue has been resolved. We will provide more information shortly.

12.15pm AEST – We are currently experiencing some DNS issues with our upstream provider. We are working with them to resolve the issue and looking to implement some workarounds. The issue will result in a delay to some transactions, and access to the OneCore platform.


July 23, 2019

Update 24/7/2019 – This issue is now resolved. Existing transaction queued will flow through.

OneCore Xero – We are currently aware of an issue affecting dataflow from Xero to Procore since 11.15am AEST. This is a webhook issue from Xero and we are closely monitoring the issue. Xero are aware of the issue and have assured us that they are working on it.

It does not affect transactions from Procore to Xero.

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