Connecting the Cloud in Construction

Interfy builds easy to use software integrations in the construction industry for the Australian market, and provides local support.
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What We Do?

Founded in 2018 after releasing our flagship Procore – Xero integration, Interfy now supports over 250 Builders with our Out-of-the-Box SaaS Connectors as well as our bespoke solutions.

With a team of skilled developers and experienced construction professionals, we service all facets of the industry and our client base scales from local contractors to some of Australia’s largest and most reputable construction companies.

Construction is undergoing a digital transformation that, whilst driving innovation, can lead to silos, duplication and blind spots in your data.

We saw the challenges first-hand and decided to step in and simplify integration (Interfy) of Construction Technologies.

Who We Are?

Based mostly in Adelaide (with a few more team members dotted around Australia) we are a group of IT and Construction professionals who are passionate about ConTech and helping as many companies as possible embrace innovation through a single, simple platform we call OneCore.

As we’ve grown, we’ve also taken on customised builds for clients looking to get ahead, and we are happy to talk about any upcoming projects you may have.

Our Vision

We want to support construction companies, as well as the vendors who bring innovative solutions to market in Australia. We listen to our customers, build what the market needs, and we leverage our experience to advise.

Why Interfy Your Apps?

100% Australian developed & deployed
Local support
Experience working with International Vendors through to local Start-Ups
Get more value from your existing IT stack

Who We Work With

Currently our primary client base is located in the Australian and New Zealand market. The remainder of our subscriptions come from a further 5 countries, meaning we are set up to service and support customers anywhere in the world.

Australian Map of Customers

Select an area to find out how many customers we service in that area.

Australian Map of Customers
South Australia Victoria New South Wales ACT Queensland Northern Territory Western Australia Tasmania New Zealand

South Australia



Interfy services 5 customers in South Australia




Interfy services 46 customers in Victoria

New South Wales



Interfy services 81 customers in New South Wales




Interfy services 8 customers in the Australian Capital Territory




Interfy services 60 customers in Queensland

Northern Territory



Interfy services 2 customers in the Northern Territory

Western Australia



Interfy services 17 customers in Western Australia




Interfy services 2 customers in Tasmania

New Zealand



Interfy services 21 customers in New Zealand

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