OneCore – Xero Integration for Procore

Enjoy a seamless & intuitive Xero integration with Interfy OneCore.

OneCore is a two way connector that syncs data between your Procore Construction Financials and Xero. By mapping cost codes, the OneCore connector will eliminate manual tasks by automating time consuming workflows.

With the Xero Integration you can:

  • Avoid duplication of data entry and inefficient manual process
  • Reduce the risk of human error and improve data integrity
  • Ensure project and accounting teams are aligned on a single platform
  • Seamlessly manage and cost timesheet data against projects

Our market leading integration generates invoices in Xero from approved Costs & Progress Claims in Procore, updates payments or partial payments from Xero back into your Procore Construction Financials and populates time and material costs incurred into your project when they occur.

OneCore is the integration that bridges the gap between accounting and construction!

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    Integration Requirements

    The following Procore Product Lines are required in order to use the Xero integration with OneCore and Procore.

    • Commitments
    • Direct Costs
    • Head Contract/Prime Contract
    • Timesheets or Timecard (optional for Payroll integration module)

      Subscriptions and Licensing

      • A valid Procore account with Admin access is required.
      • A valid Xero account with Standard access is required.


        For new integration, pricing, or other enquiries

        Phone: +61 8 7079 1055


        Technical Support

        Phone: +61 8 7079 1055
        Don’t forget to also see our support page

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How long does it take data to sync between Procore & Xero?

        Once a cost is approved in Procore, it’s pushed out to Xero straight away. However, you have the option of having the invoice as approved or in draft mode for review.


        What if I need to update a cost that’s already been approved e.g. a progress claim? Do I make the changes in Procore or Xero?

        Simply updated the cost in Procore and the changes will be reflected in Xero


        Do I still need to manually send information from Xero back to Procore?

        No, the integration is two way. Updates in Xero will feed back into your Procore budget


        How are taxes calculated?

        Taxes are not included in your Procore Construction Financials. Xero will calculate the taxes for your invoices based off the account code that’s been mapped.

        What if we use retention or retainage?

        Our integration supports retention. We have multiple methods of handling retention between Procore and Xero.
        Please contact us for a demo to see how it works.


        How easy is the integration to use?

        We just need to map your cost codes and vendors, switch it on and then you’re good to go!


        Is OneCore compatible with Xero connected apps such as Receipt Bank?

        We are always testing Xero connected apps to determine compatibility with OneCore. Our Direct Costs module is compatible with Receipt Bank once bills are approved in Xero and it will automatically push these through to Procore.


        Where is my data stored?

        Our integration platform sits in data centres stored in Australia (Amazon Web Services), and we do not store any data on our platform once it has been sent through to Procore or Xero.

        What if I need support?

        We are an Adelaide based company. Support is provided via phone during Australian business hours as well as e-mail support.

        Want to know more or book in a demo?

        Simply fill out the enquiry form below, and we’ll be in touch!