ProSine – Sine Integration for Procore

Enjoy a highly customisable Sine integration with Interfy ProSine.


ProSine is a one way connector that syncs data from Sine to Procore. There are layers of settings to allow you to tailor what is recorded in Procore to suit your requirements.


Project Site Settings will allow you to:

  • Map the Sine location to the Project
  • Set a default manpower number of hours
  • Set how to extract the Sine check in form response to get the number of workers
  • Set a default note field site wide

Vendor Settings will allow you to:

  • Set a default manpower number of hours
  • Set the vendor email domain
  • Set the default Procore Trade mapping
  • Set a default note field specific to the Vendor

Visitor Settings will allow you to:

  • Write a custom message that appears in the visitor log’s description field with data received from Sine.




The following Procore Product Lines are required in order to use the Sine integration with ProSine and Procore.

  • Site Diary


The following permissions are required to use Sine with the ProSine integration with Procore.

  • Admin

Subscriptions and Licensing

  • A valid Procore account with Admin access is required.
  • A valid Sine account with Standard access is required.


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